R-12 Crew at Time of Loss

These men were members of R-12's crew, or attached to her, at the time she was lost of 12 June 1943. All but three of the enlisted survivors were on liberty at the time of loss. In addition to the commanding officer, one other officer survived, but was not identified in the available list. Two Brazilian officers were also lost in the sinking. Almeida, A.G.D., LT … [Read more...]

SS-89, U.S.S. R-12

Originally commissioned in 1919, the R-12 was laid up at the end of 1932. She was recommissioned in 1940, and patrolled off New England from October 1941. During that period she was home ported at the New London Submarine Base. Assigned to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba, in February 1942, she patrolled between Cuba and Key West until March 1943, when she returned to New … [Read more...]

SS-83, U.S.S. R-6

R-6 was launched at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, Mass, on 1 March 1919. She was placed in commission at Boston on 1 May 1919, with Lieutenant Commander Charles Milford Elder in command. After fitting out, R-6 was assigned to SubDiv 9 at New London on 16 September 1919. She transfered to Norfolk in December, in order to participate in winter maneuvers in the … [Read more...]

SS-82, U.S.S. R-5

Launched at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company on 24 November 1918, R-5 was placed in commission on 15 April 1919, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Eric L. Barr. She served with SubDiv 9 through 1920, then was sent to San Pedro, CA in April 1921. In January 1923 R-5 was used in the filming of the movie The Eleventh Hour. On 16 July she was sent to Pearl Harbor, … [Read more...]

SS-81, U.S.S. R-4

Another Electric Boat contract, built at Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, MA, R-4 was launched on 26 October 1918 and commissioned under the command of Lieutenant Palmer H. Dunbar on 28 March 1919. She was stationed with SubDiv 9 in New London until 1921, when she was overhauled at Norfolk, then transfered to San Pedro, CA in June. In 1923, R-4 moved with her division … [Read more...]