SS-211, U.S.S. Gudgeon

The SS-211 Gudgeon submarine detected a Japanese sub on January 27, 1942 and fired torpedos.  While it is not reported whether the torpedoes struck their ship, the sub would never be seen again.  April 18, 1944 was the last the Gudgeon was reported and presumed lost off of the Maug Islands. History for the SS-211, U.S.S. … [Read more...]

SS-210, U.S.S. Grenadier

The SS-210 Grenadier attacked and damaged Japanese transport northeast of Tokyo Japan. Later the crew mistaken a Soviet ship Angarstroy for a Japanese ship, sank her in the Pacific Ocean.  April 22, 1943 the Grenadier suffered severe damage from Japanese air attack off Penang, British Malaya. History for the SS-210, U.S.S. … [Read more...]

SS-209, U.S.S. Grayling

On August 29, the SS-209 Grayling damaged a 6,000 ton freighter and sinking a 250 ton Taki Maru on her eighth mission.  She was not heard from shortly after and presumed lost. History for the SS-209, U.S.S. Grayling Launched: Builder: Sponsor: Commissioned: First Captain: Stricken/Lost: 1941 Lost … [Read more...]

SS-208, U.S.S. Grayback

The SS-208 Grayback started off patrolling the Caribbean Sea for patrols. Her first kill on March 17, 1942 was an enemy cargo ship and the SS-208 would go on to sink a total of 14 Japanese ships.  The Grayback's 10th patrol saw the sinking of four Japanese ships and damaging several others, but was eventually subjected to depth charge attacks by aircraft and by anti-submarine … [Read more...]

SS-207, U.S.S. Grampus

The SS-207 Grampus submarine patrolled in the Caribbean Sea between September 8 - 28, 1941.  The Grampus has her first and only kill which was a Japanese 8,636-ton tanker. On February, 11 1943, Grampus set off from Brisbane and is presumed sunk by Japanese destroyers. History for the SS-207, U.S.S. Grampus Launched: Builder: Sponsor: Commissioned: First … [Read more...]