SS-165, U.S.S. Bonita

The third the bear the name, U.S.S. Bonita, then named V-3, was launched at Portsmouth Navy Yard on 9 June 1925. She was placed in commission by Lieutenant Commander Charles A. Lockwood on 22 May 1926. Lockwood, who would become ComSubPac in February 1943, would go on to a far more distinguished wartime career than Bonita. V-3 was assigned to SubDiv 20, operating off the … [Read more...]

SS-164, U.S.S. Bass

Originally designated V-2, Bass was launched on 27 December 1924 at Portsmouth Navy Yard. She was commissioned on 26 September 1925, with Lieutenant Commander G.A. Rood in command. Assigned to SubDiv 20, V-2 operated along the Atlantic coast and in the Caribbean through November 1927, when the division was shifted to San Diego. V-2 continued to operate with her division on … [Read more...]

SS-163, U.S.S. Barracuda

Named V-1 (SF-4) at her launching on 17 July 1924 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, the future SS-163 Barracuda submarine was commissioned on 1 October 1924. At the time of her commissioning, V-1 was only partly completed, making her first cruise surfaced to test her engines before returning to Portsmouth to complete fitting out. On 9 March 1931 she was redesignated SS-163 and … [Read more...]


B-Class Specifications Lead Boat: SS-163, U.S.S. Barracuda Length: 341' Beam: 27' Draft: 14' 7" (Surface trim) Displacement: 2,119 tons (surfaced); 2,506 tons (submerged) Speed: 18 knots (surfaced); 11 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 200' (test depth) Range: 10,000 miles Crew: 7 officers, 11 CPO, 65 enlisted Deck Gun: 1-5"/51-calibre Anti-Aircraft … [Read more...]