SS-166 (SM-1; APS-1), U.S.S. Argonaut

Originally named V-4, Argonaut was commissioned in 1928. At the time, she was the largest submarine in the U.S. Navy, a distinction she retained until the advent of nuclear submarines in the 1950s. Designed as a minelayer, Argonautwas 385 feet long and displaced 2,710 tons (4,080 submerged), with 4-21" torpedo tubes, and two minelaying tubes aft. As originally configured, 60 … [Read more...]


Argonaut Class Specifications Lead Boat: SS-166, U.S.S. Argonaut (ex. V-4, ex. SM-1) Length: 381' Beam: 33' 10" Draft: 16' (Surface trim) Displacement: 2,170 tons (surfaced); 4,080 tons (submerged) Speed: 15 knots (surfaced); 8 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 300' (test depth) Range: 18,000 miles Crew: 7 officers, 9 CPO, 71 enlisted Deck Gun: … [Read more...]